Are You Looking For Suppliers ?

1. Are you looking for better suppliers?

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a better supplier.  Your current suppliers may not be:

  • Offering the best value for money
  • Treating you with the attention you deserve
  • Providing the latest solutions

At Lab Chemicals, we have a robust process for helping you achieve the results you are aiming for in your sourcing.

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2. Are you buying for the first time?

Whilst the organisation may be building supplier relationships for the first time, you are no doubt experienced in this area. But since you may have a massive work-load you may value the support of a partner who will:

  • Understand your strategic objectives
  • Find best value solutions
  • Suggest innovative ideas
  • Support and partner in all your endeavours

At Lab Chemicals, we pride ourselves in taking the pressure off our busy clients. We have a robust program GIFT  (Getting it Right First Time ) just for this purpose.

GIFT framework  helps in procurement of chemicals or equipment that has the best fit to our customer needs and helps in improving the quality of procurement , creating efficiencies and improving outcomes.

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3. How do we find suppliers

We select the right suppliers for you by understanding –

  • What are you really  “buying” ? What is the problem?
  • What have you bought in the past? Why?

We achieve this by –

  • Doing a structured fact-find with you.
  • Exploring different options.
  • Drafting specification- if you do not have one already.
  • Assessing if there is scope for “innovative” solutions.
  • Researching and qualifying potential suppliers.
  • Devising a supplier evaluation matrix tool
  • Using the tool to short-list best suited suppliers
  • Inviting quotations from shortlisted suppliers
  • Providing details on Whole life Cycle costs where appropriate
  • Using scoring technique to evaluate quotations,including any Added Value services
  • Seeking clarification questions, as required.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of each supplier.
  • Recommending preferred options
  • Managing the procurement, as required

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