Jet A-1, TS-1, Gasoil -10 PPM, 50PPM, Gasoline 92,95,97 Unleaded, Fuel Oil CST, LPG

Lab Chemicals International (LCIL) is proud to announce our new partnership with this verified supplier/title holder who has been successfully delivering fuel products (i.e Light Distillates, Middle Distillates, Heavy Distillates) to all our Buyers of petroleum products.

LCIL UK focuses mostly on the Oil & Gas Industry, the Products offered are as follows:

  1. Light Distillates (i.e Gasoline 92 Unleaded, Gasoline 95 Unleaded, Gasoline 97 Unleaded, Liquefied Petroleum Gas),
  2. Middle Distillates (i.e Gasoil 0.0010%S, Gasoil 0.0050%S, Gasoil 0.0500%S, Gasoil 0.1000%S, Gasoil 0.2500%S, Gasoil 0.3000%S, Aviation Fuel Jet A-1, Aviation Fuel TS-1),
  3. Heavy Distillates (i.e Fuel Oil 3.5%S 180 CST and Fuel Oil 3.5%S 380 CST)

Our products are non-Russian, the product, shall originate from the Federal Republic of Germany. The products are in accordance with the specifications requested by “The Buyer” or presented by “The Seller”.

If you or the buyer is serious and has the quota permit, POF/RWA… then please contact us for further information. For quote please provide us the above information plus product name, specification and quantity.



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